About Us


What’s Our Story?

Telling a true story has never been easy for anyone, we thought of telling a tedious story like everyone else but we realised that we are not like everyone. If you have never struggled for anything in your life, you will never be able to tell a true-story. We were made from a different cloth though we are from the same generation that begs and looks up to be fed. Smart, Selfless, Innovative and definitely not risk-averse, these are characteristics of the founders of Mmutlane Traders and basically what it is today.

Mmutlane Traders Pty Ltd was established in 2016 by three young university drop-outs (University Of Johannesburg and Tshwane University Of Technology) with a dream to change our lives by working towards success, taking it from a different angle than usual, the angle of sought education. At the ages of twenty and from the deep villages of Limpopo, Kgopotso Mmutlane, Khutso Mutlane & Lehlogonolo Mnisi chose the route of seeking information that will make money, change lives and help us leave the right mark. We dropped out of school for different reasons but we had the same vision in business. We learned Forex Trading from a published Author Friend, Merika Mphogo. After we familiarized ourselves with foreign exchange trading we then developed a trading strategy called ‘One Minute Strategy’, not only did our strategy work wonders for us, we started selling the strategy at the price of R250 and it went viral within the year of 2017, seeing to that was a lot of traders who were in it for a longer period than we have and most famous traders in the country using the strategy without our knowledge and not so long after realising that we have been ambushed of off our strategy we went back to the drawing board to develop a better version of One Minute turning it into a One Minute Strategy Modifications which saw us doubling our trading accounts into much higher profits. Exactly a year later Mmutlane Traders Pty Ltd stands at a net of over R5 000 000 with an initial trading account of R17 000.

Our Vision

Our goal is to eradicate poverty and unemployment. We see ourselves as the new generation Moses through financial freedom. We have visualized having branches in all the nine South African provinces with each ran by our most valued and trusted traders serving the same purpose with the help of that particular provinces’ residents, taking one province at a time.

Our Purpose & Mission

To train, employ and change lives and generations to build a country of financially free citizens, we are not going to wait for the government to try and fix the country on its own, we have the skills and tools to do the bit that they cannot do ourselves, beyond that we want to make sure that we change the generations after us and those who we employ by doing that we are planting the spirit of changing lives in all those who we do business with and those who are employed by us. This is a corporate ride for the game changers.

Our Values

What we hold close at heart are characteristics of selflessness, reaching out and creativity. We only employ people who want to be part of the movement and mission of changing peoples’ lives. It is no longer a dream but a mission that has been accomplished in our families, we dreamt, visualized and implemented, that part has been taken care of. We are from poverty stricken families and we know how difficult that kind of life is, we are not businessmen/women who are after money for our own enrichment and greed and that is what our employees are taught from day one. We are here to serve and change lives for generations to come with a 100% transparency.