Management Team

Founder & Operations Manager.

Khutso Mutlane.

Local Government Finance and Events management mogul from the northern Transvaal in Limpopo. I did my first year in the year 2015 and already I was hooked to the life of management, it could have been anything, from a small farewell council party to a mass student event. Here I was a young boy from the dusty rocky Sekhukhune Area in charge of a department of public relations and management of events at the Tshwane University Of Technology. I was right in the organization team of a huge institution to run events, be an entertainer at those events. As I stand today I went to varsity for a year and I was already drowning in debts which really hindered my studies and wellbeing, I decided to drop out of varsity in the year 2017 and joined foreign exchange using my 2016 school fees and the odds have been siding with me. Looking at me you will see a young man with shuttered dreams from a Limpopo village and a drop out, not knowing very well that vision, planning and implementation are the best combinations for cannon. I founded Mmutlane traders in the beginning of 2017 and today it’s an SME that have traded salaries and changed lives through unemployment eradication in a short period of time and that is all I care about, the more lives I change the more I feel my purpose having served, one trade at time.

Executive officer.

Lehlogonolo Mnisi.

‘You should always need to have a backup’ this is what I was told when I dropped out of The University Of Johannesburg doing a Bcom Degree in Entrepreneurial Management but people never understood the pessimist in me, besides I always knew that there is something more to life than just trying to prove yourself to everyone who don’t really care. I dropped out as an A student and started a branding company which is successful today to that we have two branches in the country already, Limpopo and Gauteng in Soshanguve. I was born and crafted in the deep villages of Burgersfort in Limpopo in a small place called Ga-Motodi (Sekhukhune Area). It all depends on how you execute your plans to see through the life you wish for, always ask yourself this question when you are sceptical about doing something in your life, ‘What If Everything Goes Right?’ I have and now I am a varsity drop out with three executive positions in two thriving SME’s in South Africa and I am just 21 years of age.

Managing Director.

Kgopotso Mmutlane.

They do not make them self-motivated any more I am probably the last one of them. I am a Limpopo born and bred 22 year old Self-taught foreign exchange trader and I am also a Dip. Economic Management & Analysis and Local Government Finance drop out at the Tshwane

University Of Technology in the year 2016. With the skills I have acquired at the university I started learning how to trade and analyse markets fundamentally I have enabled myself to get my family out of the poverty trap my family was in. Although they were not happy about the fact that I dropped out of varsity and also used their money (the fees) to gamble on an a platform I was not familiar with, but now I can safely say that they are proud parents of me. The goal is the same, the routes are just different and I took the thorny one and look where I am today.

Chief Financial Officer.

Pontsho Malatji.

You would find it very cliché to hear the statement ‘If you want it done perfectly, rather do it yourself’. So many social ills that are not being eradicated by those who are supposed to fix them is what fuels me. I believe in change and doing things first hand instead of waiting for hand out. I have always had the motivation of to create employment instead of chasing after it. I am an A student who graduated in the Local Government Finance Diploma in Tshwane University Of Technology in the year 2017 having dropped out of a Financial Accounting Degree in 2014 at Boston Business College due to financial constraints. Enrolled at TUT and graduated in record time. A man on a mission at just 22 years I am working my dream job, and I’m saying ‘working’ as a formality because I do not take it as work, it is what I do best and now I am doing it for myself and helping those around me and before me to do it better through financially freeing information and skills. The great dream and purpose is to help myself and the youth I am cut from with social ills. If you have not experienced it first-hand then it is not an issue to you but a problem that needs to be solved, I have seen what unemployment does and it is one subject close to my heart. I joined Mmutlane Traders in the last quarter of 2017 and employment eradication was the common foundation the management team was building on in order to come up with strategies to do away with such social ill, I have never felt more at home than here where my dreams are realized and motivated by common interests. I am an employer, a problem solver and strategic financial manager, what the world needs right now.

Marketing Director.

Bethuel Mosetekoa.

Too many routes to choose from and only one is the right one, I did the most I could in my high school. Before I became a trader I was a rugby player. I got signed by the TUT Rugby team while I was doing my matric year and right after I played the Curry cup in my first year in the University where I was enrolled for a diploma in Local Government Finance in 2015 I played for the varsity cup, as soon as I reliased that my body does not need to be abused, I believed I was meant for greater things, I stopped playing rugby in the first quarter of 2016 and stared working with the Student Representative council of the varsity, from then I started working on the most attended varsity events in the country of which I was positioned as one of their executive planning managers. I am an opportunist and I see opportunities everywhere I go. In 2017 November I decided that it would be my last year at school so I dropped out of varsity and became a full time trader. I was raised in Pretoria but my roots are plugged in Denelton, Philadelphia Hospital was blessed with a special kind of game changer exactly 24 years ago and so far failure is what paves my way, you never give up.